Workplace Giving

A few dollars from your pay will help save lives

Since 1982, the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter has been there for our community. You can become a supporter of this life saving service which operates 24-7 by becoming a regular donor. Whether you’re at work, travelling or spending time with family or friends, it’s reassuring to know the Rescue Helicopter is there for our community. 

What is Workplace Giving?

Our Workplace Giving Program has been the backbone of our community fundraising for over three decades and is supported by thousands of workers from all industries.

The Program allows employees to make a regular donation to our Service each time they are paid by their employer.

  • It is tax efficient - Your donation can be deducted directly from your gross pay (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) as a salary sacrifice.
  • It is flexible - You can join, alter or withdraw from the Program at any time.
  • It is local - All donations support your local Rescue Helicopter.  

How do you get involved?

Joining is simple to implement for all employers and our Service can work with you and your payroll team to set it up.

  1. Confirm if your employer is already involved with the Program, by talking with your payroll office or calling the Service. If you’re the first to enquire, we can talk with your payroll office about the steps to get started.
  2. A representative from the Service can visit your workplace to speak with staff about our important role in the community.
  3. Complete the sign up form and return to your Payroll Officer. Your donation will be noted on you pay slip.  

Employer matching is a Popular Option

Many employers choose to match the contributions of their employees dollar for dollar ensuring greater benefit for the Service and a shared sense of pride and purpose in the workplace. This is entirely optional and can be discussed at any time, it’s a proven way to have an even greater impact.  

By choosing to donate a few dollars from each pay, you’re making a powerful contribution which will help to keep the Rescue Helicopters flying 24-7 for our community.

It’s a simple process that makes a massive difference. Contact your local Community Liaison Officer on 1800 155 155 or email to start the process today.